Estonia + Norway = ♥

With several weddings under my belt in what was a little over a month, I began feeling the weight of having thousands upon thousands of images waiting in the side curtain for their debut. However, today I realized how truly good I feel. And certainly very very grateful. I am pouring through the past ten weddings I have photographed and can’t believe that with less than half the year, I have had the privilege of capturing all of these moments. Sitting in front of these memories flashing across my computer screen, I am so incredibly moved by these very photographs that will be cherished by couples in the weeks ahead, and even more than that, how much these photos will be cherished in the years to come. I am stopped in my tracks at the way these husbands are looking at their newly-become wives. There are countless moments of laughter, of the kind of romance that makes you believe in fairy tales and of real memories that happened before my eyes (and my camera) spilling across my screen right now. All the best to you, Kadri & Espen!

Peokoht / Wedding Venue- Saku mõis
Tseremooniameister / Ceremony – Peep Saar
Pulmaisa / Wedding Host – Andres Torm
Muusika / Band- Margus Vaher
DJ – Marti Viilu
Juuksed/Meik / Make-Up & Hair – Viktoria Anushova ja Aljona Iluareng
Pulmakorraldaja /Wedding Planner – Tiia Tamberg (Südamemaja)
Tort  – Urmas Jalakas

Pulmafotograaf  / Wedding Photographer- Rando Tomson / facebook / instagram